Communicating St Chris's unique approach to educating kids through content, search and ux design.

"We treat young people as individuals, encouraging them to develop into capable, imaginative, responsible people with a zest for life"

Many schools claim to be child centred. St Chris has been child centred and progressive for nearly a century. It's surely the only school that can boast that Maria Montessori herself came to train the teachers in the Montessori method!

We work with St Chris in a number of ways. Initially handling paid search, the results of which lead to a larger remit to develop a digital strategy that would make better use of their marketing budget which, at the time, was focused predominantly on press advertising.

Search and mobile optimisation

We repurposed the budget to focus on developing leads through bespoke landing pages while simultaneously developing a new responsive website that would eliminate the frustrations of staff and parents alike.

Now, the simple combination of high performing search and mobile optimised site are delivering new leads and connecting existing parents in a way they find useful. Staff too find the new site so easy to update, we could say it's giving them a zest for digital.