Design thinking that rapidly uncovers the most viable and valuable ideas.

Design should be collaborative, with input from various disciplines and perspectives. This broad, holistic approach is often called design thinking.

The double diamond – a design method for developing services

We use this method to approach problems in an open minded, curious but structured way

Divided into four distinct phases: Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver, our approach includes opportunities for reflection and review. It allows us to map out the design process, from the point where thinking and possibilities are as broad as possible to a distillation of ideas and priorities that focus on solving clearly defined user needs.


A major benefit of this design method is its elasticity. It can be applied to projects that last several months or condensed into a sprint.

Innovation sprints

A sprint is an intensive period (perhaps 3-5 days) where we work collaboratively with you to

  • define and frame a problem
  • explore a range of solutions
  • select a concept for prototype
  • build and test a a prototype solution

This intensive activity is extremely efficient, helping you make rapid progress with a business problem or opportunity at a fraction of the usual time and cost.

Contact us to discuss how an innovation sprint could help solve problems or create opportunity in your business.


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