5 top finds from around the web.

After last week's 'A special 5 top finds', we compile another list of some of the cool things we've stumbled upon over the past week.

1. Retrofied Facebook advertising.

After our post about Facebook yesterday, we came across these wonderfully vintage-themed posters for social networks. Created by Moma Propaganda and 6B Studio for Maximidia Seminars, there were a run of these posters under the title of 'Everything ages fast. Update'. Truly awesome!

See the rest of the posters here.

2. The future of the web?

We spotted a great piece on HTML5 and the future potential of the web over on McKinsey Quarterly the other day. Well worth a read if web standards are your cup of tea!

Read "How new Internet standards will finally deliver a mobile revolution" here.

3. Boris Bikes.

We love our bikes here at UXB. Most of us ride to work, some of us using the extremely popular 'Boris Bikes'. Whilst we love the scheme and what it's done to encourage new cyclists onto London's roads, we also have a few reservations about the system.

It seems The Economist shares some of them.

Do you agree with the points raised in the article? We'd be interested to hear your thoughts, feel free to get in touch and let us know!

4. 1924's Venturous Vegetables at the Frolic Grounds

Kate draws your attention to these wonderful illustrations from Venturous Vegetables at the "Frolic Grounds" - an illustrated story by T. Benjamin Faucett (New York: A. L. Burt Company, 1924). The book forms part of Faucett's Moon Queen series - which you can see on 50 Watts here.

5. T-Mobile does the Royal Wedding.

To celebrate the Royal Wedding and to get people talking about the brand, the creatives over at T-Mobile have done a rather amusing parody of a popular YouTube video. Judging by a few of the comments, some people haven't quite realised that it's a joke. Fingers crossed this is actually how the Royal Wedding goes down!

See the T-Mobile Royal Wedding video here.