Article Marketing

Publishers of knowledge, views and opinion online are the new Rock Stars!

Article Marketing, or the publishing of ideas, knowledge and opinions, is an effective way to establish credibility and reputation, and social media has been the catalyst. Social media has leveled the playing field. Today anyone can share their opinions with a global audience and gain instant fame and recognition if their views are credible.

Where in the past articles were published by authors into well respected directories with particularly high entry barriers, the establishment of social networks has smashed down the walls and allowed freedom of publishing to the masses. The ability to read,listen,share and discuss articles in a free arena has allowed the diffusion of knowledge to increase rapidly.

Seth Godin - superstar

The power that can be built from knowledge publishing cannot be underestimated, just look at Seth Godin who now is the Micheal Jackson of the digital world! (a superstar). This level of social capital can be effectively used to link to your businesses tangible products and services, normally through links to your website or related online communications channels.

However it is a common misconception that merely publishing content on every available social network will bring you success, it will not. Before publishing the author must research the social network thoroughly, looking at it's general audience, what can be published, accessibility and security.

It will be those who carefully segment, plan and adapt to their audience's needs and desires that will win in the long run. Perhaps most important to remember is that to gain true value and success from article marketing it will take a lot of time, effort and even a bit of luck.

Things will not happen overnight, you must commit to publishing regularly and with a standard level of quality, only then will you see the true benefits of article marketing.

But they are worth it.