Everyone should have better website

Your customers and staff deserve better. Why wouldn't you give them a better user experience?

Usability is not sector specific

I was just interviewed by a journalist who asked if we would be focusing on specific verticals in the coming year. Whatever that means! I think she meant 'are there particular business sectors that you will be targeting'. Answer: 'No, every sector needs help'.

Most of the internet is rubbish

There are about 200,000,000 websites. Most of them are awful, badly conceived, hard to use and ugly. Our mission is to chip away at some of that by giving people simple, intuitive, elegant web tools so that this amazing invention works for them, not against them. It doesn't matter what 'vertical' they're in.

The usability business case

There is simply no justification for not improving online user experience. Not any more. The business benefits are endless but the most obvious are:

  • Increased site performance & visibility in search rankings
  • Increased brand perception & customer loyalty
  • Higher levels of customer advocacy and recommendation

Respect users, they'll thank you

If that isn't reason enough, you'll be sending out a signal that you understand and respect your site users. Improved user experience = happier customers, and happier staff.

That's got to be the way to go hasn't it.