Ease of use at the top of business CMS wish list

New research from Econsultancy reveals fascinating trends in business attitudes and investment priorities in Content Management.

Only pay for what you need

The CMS Survey Report 2009 suggest businesses are rightly focusing on implementation investment rather than licensing costs.

Ease of use is a must have

Over 800 businesses were polled and, refreshingly, ease of use is one of the top criterion for companies assessing the merits of a given CMS. 49% of respondents said it was a top three factor when deciding to invest (only 18% said their CMS was easy to use).

Open Source is best

Few companies say they are satisfied with their CMS with 21% rating community open source vendors as excellent and only 4% finding proprietary vendors excellent.

Other trends

Other trends suggest that integration with other parts of a business and with work processes is significant for larger companies, and less so for smaller companies.

SEO and analytics

Surprisingly, SEO friendliness is only the third most important selection criteria for 30% of companies and is even less important for the rest.

All good news for our CMS

Much of this is good news for us as we have placed ease of use at the centre of our CMS development strategy. Contact us for more details.