Free seminar session for you and your team

Round up your colleagues for a one hour insight session on how digital is creating the new business paradigm.

One of the concerns regularly flagged up by our clients is how to keep up with what's happening in the wider world of digital media and how to apply it to their business.

Scan the horizon

With developments taking place at constant break neck speed, it's a full time job to keep on top of new applications, new methods, technology and, in particular, the changing habits of customers. Add to this the fact that enthusiasm and know within client teams is usually inconsistent, and you see how this concern can easily escalate.

Upgrade your digital know-how

To help bridge the knowledge gap an share latest developments form the nexus of digital media and business strategy in the wider world, we are offering free group sessions to organisations that want to:

  • understand how digital is forcing fundamental changes in business practice
  • see how other organisations are grasping new opportunities
  • gain an overview of the new tools available
  • learn simple ways to get closer to customers, staff and stakeholders

Start a conversation

These sessions are intended to provide an overview of the latest trends. They should help to bring everyone up to bring everyone in your team to the same level of understanding. But above all, it should start a conversation inside your organisation that leads to new opportunities for success.

We are offering these sessions to existing and former clients first and are happy to travel to you if you are within the M25 area. For new enquiries or to book a session further afield please contact us to discuss.