Investing in creative businesses

You win some you lose some - investing in the great ideas that come through our door can be irresistible

Touch and go

We met the inventors of Elektex (TM) over a kitchen table in a flat in Dalston back in 1996. While we struggled to fully grasp the technology, we sensed it was going to be big when the rest of the world caught up, and so, as well as developing the brand and trade mark, we ploughed as much cash as we could into the fledgling venture.

At that time the company consisted of two young inventors in sandals and full time jobs with a burning passion to bring this amazing technology to life.

In May 2006 Eleksen floated on the AIM market.

Trusting instinct

In 2001, along with James Kirkham and Will Pyne, two young bucks almost straight out of art college, we incubated Holler, a new media business. The pair, armed with unnerving self belief and prodigious talent, have developed Holler into one of the most highly regarded digital design and strategy businesses in the UK.

Holler are now one of the most respected agencies in the UK. Check them out.

Healthy outlook

Our latest venture is distinctly low tech, but very high fibre.

Active Kids is a ground breaking approach to sports activity classes for school age kids that sets totally new standards. Based on leading edge thinking in physical education, these classes for 3-11 year olds are available in weekly sessions and holiday programmes and are always full to capacity.

We're helping them go national. So watch out for Active Kids in your area as this brilliant young business rolls out across the UK.

Check out the website to get your little ones off to a flying start.