Joined up commmunication

Understanding where your networks are and how they like to operate can give you a huge advantage in creating engagement.

Integration in action

Some of you will be reading this because you have one of our business cards. It’s not that we want to trumpet how smart we are, we just thought it was a simple way to demonstrate how integrated, or joined up, communication works in practice.

Access allowed

Joined up communication, naturally, requires joined up thinking. It’s about understanding that your networks of stakeholders have many ways to access your brand.

Integrated communication facilitates that access across different media and in different ways. Even a business card can deliver people deep into your thinking if well thought through and executed.

Push or pull?

Integrated communication places your business where your networks already are without ramming your message down their throats. It’s respectful, efficient and accepts the push and pull, the ebb and flow, of how people want to engage with your brand.

User centered thinking

As we say elsewhere on this site, the broadcast era is over and interruption is dead. If you’re in advertising get clued up or get out quick. Today’s communication is multi channel and user centered. Welcome to the world of integration.