Online strategies for success

For UK companies, placing the internet at the heart of business planning has never been more urgent.

Online has moved in from the edge to the core. Some predict that for many businesses, the internet will cease to be a communication tool and become the business itself. A bit extreme perhaps? Think your organisation is not ready for this yet? Not so. We believe that unless you start thinking about this now your organisation will be outpaced and outdated within three years.

Be where your people already are

Embracing the power of the web and developing successful online strategies is essential not an add-on. Ordinary people have migrated from traditional media to the internet where consumption now outweighs even that of TV in the UK. That means your customers, staff, investors, and competitors are already online. Shouldn’t you be there too?

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As we spend more and more time online our habits change and our ‘real world’ expectations get transferred to our online experience. None but the novice will tolerate bad navigation, confusing interfaces or those interminable animated intros. Irritants like this make us feel under valued, frustrated or annoyed, and we quickly click out in search of a better user experience where our needs are being met.

Champion the end user

We believe that the user experience should be at the centre of a modern communication strategy. Building your organisation’s future around what people really want is the most effective way to engage them in what you do. And every day that you put off taking the plunge is another day of losing business to those that have.

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