The porous business

Business used to be about command and control. Not any more. The businesses of tomorrow knows that a loosely coupled organisation that encourages open collaboration and networked intelligence is the business that creates real value.

Working with outsiders

In the old days even we tried to control too much - and I know we’re not alone in that. We were wary of outside help, used freelance staff sparingly and when we did, imposed our way on them. The internet has changed all that and we now actively seek out people that work with us from the place they choose.

Gaining from dispersed expertise

Our team has expanded to include specialist people in many locations. We’re tapping into their knowledge, commitment and willingness to collaborate around a shared vision. This way of working is not the tele-worker model predicted years ago where big business ‘allowed’ its staff to do the odd day from home. This is people based, granular knowledge working that will replace the current big business command and control structures. Put simply, this is the way to work for our times.

Giving clients better service

As client demand for additional integrated services increases, we are able to expand to meet their needs without the growing pains of the old order. Over 30% of the people we now rely on – people that are critical to delivering for our clients – work in a place that they choose. By encouraging a porous business based on open collaboration we give clients access to a broader pool of talent and expertise, allowing us to deliver a range and quality of service that is disproportionate to our size.

For more on the future of business and collaboration check out wikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams.