Proof of the ROI of user centred thinking

Recent research is set to overturn preconceptions of what constitutes a successful approach to software development.

70% say user adoption priority No1

A recent article on RWR points to evidence from research into how businesses gain value from software development. It provides proof that the best way to get a return on your investment is to to follow a User Centred Design approach.

Feature bloat

The research pinpoints what we’ve been saying, that too much software (read websites/intranets/extranets etc) is developed with useless features that nobody needs or wants. In many cases, such development is carried out by people far removed from the end user. The result is that users ignore the software’s features, get confused by the tools, have a bad user experience and stop using it.

Get close to your users

An amazing 70% of respondents to the research placed user adoption as their priority. You cannot increase adoption unless you understand the user requirements. We say it over and over and will keep saying it. If you really want to get value from technology, give people what they want.

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