Quakers brand in the news

Our identity and communications work with Quakers UK has received positive press coverage with a full page article in the New Statesman and a feature in Blueprint.

Some say that branding is an expensive luxury indulged in by big business and that it has no place in influencing the fortunes of a faith. Our view is that branding must have a rock solid business case and be rooted in authenticity.

We were aware from the outset that working with the Quakers on their identity presented a possible risk of attack from the less generous elements in the media. More so for them than us. Because of this we were keen to protect their interests and ensure the story only broke in quality titles that would deal with the matter critically but responsibly.

We accepted the challenge to work on the Quakers brand because we sensed their time had come. Thanks to careful project management and good contacts in the media we are helping them let a broad audience know that that time is now.

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