Communication strategy

Are you tired of being told by consultants what you 'could' do and wish someone would stick their neck out and say what you 'should' do?

Could, should, shouldn't, wouldn't

'Could do' is flimsy nonsense and closely associates with tactics. In our view strategy is about working out first what you shouldn't do, and then being brave about what you should.

Straight talking strategy

We are helping some of the UK's major businesses understand how to develop integrated communication strategies that harness widely available online tools such as social media, user experience, natural and PPC search and content marketing.

Businesses tell us they want

  • a marriage of business and digital strategy
  • meaningful advice
  • creative problem solving
  • first rate planning & project management
  • measurable RoI

Simple is good

We ask a lot of questions but we like to keep it as simple as possible. What are you doing now that works and what doesn't? What needs to be done to put it right? How do we get there and what needs to happen? Who are we targeting and why do they care? What RoI do we need to achieve?

User centred thinking

We hammer home the importance of user centred thinking because it is users - customers, staff, people - who are in charge of your fate now. Should you be in any doubt just think about your own behaviour and that of those around you. People simply don't work, shop, find or share in the same way as they used to. Expectations are high and bad experiences are never forgotten.

New tools for new markets

The organisations we work with, and the ones that will survive this downturn, are already adapting to keep pace with their customers, staff and future talent.

How can we help?

We can help you understand this changing landscape and introduce practical, cost effective measures to bring your business up to speed. We won't shy away from giving it to you straight. Anyone can suggest what you could do, we'll tell you what you should.

What next?

Our top level service is UXB. It helps you understand your strategy from a user perspective and unleash new opportunities around customer needs. To talk through your issues and see how we can help with some UXB, call Sean O'Halloran on 020 7690 5431 for a confidential chat.