Tehching Hsieh's lifeworks published by LADA/MIT

“Out of Now: The Lifeworks of Tehching Hsieh”, a book published by the Live Arts Development Agency (LADA) with MIT and designed by UXB London has been released.

Out of Now explores the work of exceptional Taiwanese-American artist Tehching Hsieh and was realised by the artist in collaboration with Adrian Heathfield, a writer and curator of performance and visual art. We were commissioned by LADA to work with Adrian to design the book.

The book brings Hsieh’s work from 1978-1999 to public attention for the first time. The work includes five separate one-year-long performances and a thirteen year lifework, created by the artist not to be seen publicly.

The year-long performances included one in which Hseih punched into a worker’s time clock in his studio on the hour every hour and a year in which he was tied to another artist by a short stretch of rope without ever touching them.

Tehching Hsieh’s art intrigues and inspires as is shown in this comprehensive, critical review of his lifeworks. The book is available now from < href="http://www.thisisUnbound.co.uk">Unbound, LADA’s online shop.

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