Thank Friday, its Fiji!

UXB's Fijian ambassador, Lynne Dyer, is leading the cry of freedom this Friday, for Fiji Day.

Marau sigaanisucu (happy birthday)

Fiji Day marks the birth of the nation in 1970 and is celebrated with pride by Fijians around the world. In London there will be a service in Westminster Abbey where the national flag will be raised. Elsewhere across the globe Fijians will be enjoying a lovo, an underground oven, and a meke, traditional singing and dancing.

Sega ne lega (no worries)

At UXB celebrations will involve pineapple pie and music supplied by Lynne, the donning of lurid shirts and grass skirts and dancing all the way to the bar on the corner for 2 for 1 cocktails. Fancy swapping stories around a Blue Lagoon? Then come on down, if not sega ne lega.