User research uncovers golden nuggets

One key question in our user surveys generates a more impassioned and insightful response than anything else.

"What features or functions would irritate you?"

The answers are helping us build up a clear picture of the frustrations that users experience online.

Out in front

What is defining the internet now is the user experience. As people better understand what to expect from a website they start to define good and bad user experience more effectively. And they become very clear about what they do and don't like.

Devil in the detail

As the comments from our user surveys show it's the details of the experience that matter. This can have a deep influence, not only on the immediate impressions and the decisions made whilst browsing, but also on the more lasting perceptions of the brand.

Stand out

Many successful online ventures have put user experience at the forefront of their business models. A good user experience is a clear differentiator in an overcrowded market, one that can pay dividends in longer term brand appreciation as well as in immediate sales.

Digging deeper

User research helps us understand the needs and expectations of a certain set of users for specific projects but also keeps us abreast of the changing ways people behave online. By listening to what people say, we can make informed choices and decisions when designing user centred websites.

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