UXB founded in London

New digital agency hits the ground in Clerkenwell, London.

From June 2013 Hoop is UXB – a digital agency for the 21st century.

Communication has changed. When Hoop was set up 17 years ago, there was no email or internet, social was a chat at the bar and Facebook was a book with faces in it.

It's time to take a leap forward and set an exciting new course for the future. It's time for UXB.

Designed for digital

UXB is a creative, nimble design agency focused on the services that clients need to succeed in this digital age.

  • Strategy – the research, insight and planning to set you in the right direction
  • Design – user centred and visual design that makes your messages easy to find and act on
  • Content – copy, images and video to engage people and make conversations flow
  • Technology – the development expertise to make everything work.

UXB will help businesses keep up with the fierce pace of change set by their customers and to plan and execute what's needed to keep them engaged.

If you have any design, strategy, content or development challenges get in touch with UXB.

We look forward to hearing from you.