UXB given the nod

The Trade Marks Registry have cleared the way for our User eXperience Branding service. Time to get yourself some UXB.

A service whose time has come

UXB is a fusion of user centred thinking, user experience design and brand communications that can radically improve your brand reputation and business performance. It’s also a complete no brainer if you want to flourish in the digital era.

A service that’s right for now

We have developed UXB to address the most pressing issues that businesses bring to us to think about. It’s a response to the rapidly changing commercial, media and workplace environments. It’s finely tuned, adaptive and helps leaders, senior marketers and entrepreneurs adjust their mindset to see that business as usual is a thing of the past.

A service like no other

Poor brand experiences dent reputation and increase the likelihood of customer migration. Our UXB service helps business identify the risks and rethink the solution around user needs. It helps you put in place manageable, cost effective and measurable steps to build greater value in your business, people and customer relationships.

Talk to us now

You’re probably already thinking about the cracks in your business that need some UXB. If you can see them, so can others and if you don’t act your competitors certainly will.

Contact us in confidence

For more on how we might help email sean@uxblondon.com