Now is the time

Free Fridays

Having trouble with a project? Got a brilliant idea you'd like to road test? Want to talk through transforming your business online? Book a free session with us any Friday.

Book a Free Friday session with us - it's our way of sharing the love

Every Friday we are opening our doors to global corporations, start-ups, social entrepreneurs and just about anyone in-between. This is your chance to come talk with us about the business issue that's on your mind.

We'll provide two people to listen, think, advise and recommend. You will get the value of our insights and experience and won't pay a penny. It's free you see. So we'll lay on the venue, the brains and the coffee, you just bring your issues and the biscuits.

What's the big idea

Free Fridays stems from a desire to share our knowledge more widely, and not have to charge anyone for doing so. And we figure if you're not paying for our time, you'll appreciate us being a tad more frank than you might expect.

We promise not to sell you anything

Free Fridays really are about paying it forward. If we can recommend someone to solve your problem, fund your start-up, shoot your videos or relocate your tech team to India, we will. It would be nice to think that, in return, you remember to tell people how smart/cool/switched on we are.

But there have to be rules right?

Yes, but let's keep it sensible.

  • You should be able to sum up your issue in the first 10 minutes
  • Chatham House rules apply - the details of our discussion remain confidential
  • Maximum 2 hour slot per booking
  • We reserve the right to press the buzzer if we think you're abusing our hospitality
  • You bring the biscuits

So that's it. Simple, and free. Free thinking, free discussion, Free Fridays.

To book a Free Friday session for you or your team, send us a message below and we'll get back to you straight away.