5 top finds #32

Doggie paddling, record breaking crowdfunding, tech sings the blues, food art and what's wrong with technology blogging. It's 5 top finds...

1. Underwater dogs

Think pet photography can be a bit boring? We did too – until we saw Seth Castell's work with some canine friends in a swimming pool. Pure genius!

2. Kickstarter goes seven figures (twice)

Last week, disruptive crowdfunding platform Kickstarter (where people pledge money to support creative projects) made history. They had their first ever project, the Elevation Dock, reach $1,000,000 in pledges. Four hours later, Double Fine Adventure broke the $1M barrier – shortly after reaching the project's $400,000 funding goal in just 8 hours. The Kickstarter blog has the details...

3. My printer is a singer

It's not every day you hear an HP printer and a hard drive(!) cover The Animal's hit single 'The House of the Rising Sun' from 1964.

4. Hirst light sliced

We're in love with 'Low-Commitment Projects', the collaborative project between two American artists Brittany Powell and Tae Kitakata. The 'Sandwich Artist' is definitely a tasty treat!

5. It's not about the pageviews

With the slow death of print media, digital journalists/bloggers are having to pick up the pace of publishing content online – more pageviews bring more advertising revenue.

However, quantity does not always mean quality, as ex-professional blogger MG Siegler discusses in this insightful post.