5 top finds #67

The HapiFork, Justin Timberlake returns to music, Sports Illustrated list the best sports photographs ever, sustainable Goedzak bin bags and famous people reading horrible tweets. It's this week's five top finds!

Another year at CES, another year of tech we won't use

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show exhibits some amazing and exciting technology we can't wait to purchase - especially 4K and OLED TV's on display!

Then there is the inconsumable. One device that baffles this particular UXB'ster is the HAPIfork, an electronic fork that helps you regulate your eating, letting you know if your chomping away too fast, which could help your digestion. Or, you could save your money and just... slow down. Discover more crazy tech on display at CES 2013 here.

Justin Timberlake teases the internet

We have to give mad props to former N*Sync singer Justin Timberlake this year as the owner of Myspace gave us the new Myspace, which we actually quite liked.

However, the Cry Me A River singer looks set to leave the social networking life - at least for a brief period - to get back into the recording studio. Timberlake teased his announcement with a countdown with many fans expecting to hear a snippet of a new song. What they got was the video above. What a tease!

100 greatest sports photos

Sport has given us some of the greatest moments in human history. The world watched with bated breath as Usain Bolt lined up at London 2012, Muhammed Ali rumbled the jungle and Kenneth Wolstenholme uttered the famous words "they think it's all over."

Photography has always played a part in capturing these moments as stadium dugouts around the world are covered with lenses peering over to catch that moment. Sports Illustrated 100 of these greatest moments... but it does seem a little bit too American to us.

Sustainable rubbish sacks

Sustainability is an important topic in the modern era. The problem is, we love new things! Especially if they are wrapped up all nice. This is why the Goedzak by Waarmakers is an interesting idea.

The bags make your unwanted - but still in good condition - items presentable and, ideally, people will walk past, pick it up and enjoy for themselves.

Celebs read mean tweets

Social media has changed the world! It has made the human beings more connected and has changed the way find content, break news and even organise social meetups.

People also use social networks to be mean - especially on Twitter - and no one attracts more attention than celebrities. Here are some celebs reading out those hurtful tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Slightly NSFW language.