5 top finds - number 30!

It's the 30th 5 top finds in the series, and we're celebrating with the new EU directive on cookies, Google's descent in the popularity rankings, pure internet gold(fish), the save Herne Hill velodrome campaign and web addiction is bad for you shock.

1. (Un-edible) cookies (with an illogical direction)

If you've not heard the EU directive (and now UK law) that's made the majority of websites in Europe illegal, don't worry. You've got until May 2012 to comply with what is quite possibly one of the most ridiculous laws ever. As of May last year, all European websites have to...

"gain consent for the use of cookies or similar technologies to comply with the law."

Or face a fine of up to half a million pounds. Wonderful!

To explain what a cookie is and why the law is entirely flawed (you can't track that a user has requested your website to not use cookies without using cookies), we thoroughly recommend watching the entertaining video above.

2. Google face a bit of an uproar with Search

If you've not been following the repercussions of Google's announcement about integrating content from (only) Google into search results, it's worth reading through some of the responses.

Ex-TechCrunch boss Michael Arrington writes of how Search is reminiscent of Microsoft bundling Internet Explorer with Windows (which led to antritrust lawsuits) in the 90s; Harvard advertising law specialist Ben Edelman writes about the (il)legal implications of Google's initiative and "search engine guru" Danny Sullivan explains what's wrong with Search . All well worth a read.

3. Goldfish, but not as you think they are

We like fish (if you hadn't noticed) here at UXB – so when we saw the video above we knew it'd somehow end up on the UXB blog. Truly amazing stuff from Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori.

4. Save Herne Hill velodrome

As well as liking fish, you may have noticed us UXB'sters are pretty keen on bikes. When we spotted this post on the Brooks blog, about 91 year old (1948 Olympic medallist) Tommy Godwin returning to Herne Hill velodrome and riding the race-winning bike again we then discovered an audio interview with Tommy on the Guardian travel section. Both are well worth reading!

5. Addicted to the internet

Ever struggled stealing yourself from reading updates on Facebook or staying on top of the latest tweets? According to preliminary research from Chinese scientists; there may be such a thing as 'web addiction'. The sample size is tiny (only 17 addicts sampled) but this research could potentially pave the way for treatment for those of us who just can't get off Facebook.