Content is 9th in line to the throne

Content is King. You've heard it said over and over again. You've probably even said it yourself. I know I have. And yet and yet, content is still often not given the attention and respect it deserves

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In digital communications the thing that is most often overlooked is content. People know it's important but they still underestimate what's required to plan, create and produce it.

Whether it's a website, social media or e-marketing– for some reason the content that will make these things work is often left to the last minute. Or if a new website is launched, the content is parked with no plan for updating it.

A plethora of content platforms and services have cropped up in recent times but they will only be of use if you first work out who you're talking to and what you want to talk to them about.

Here's 5 top tips to help you make sure content doesn't get neglected.

  1. Ask the audience – find out what your customers are interested in, what they read, what sites they prefer and tailor your content to be useful for them
  2. Recycle and upcycle – you're probably sitting on lots of insightful content. Do an audit of what you've got then rewrite or rethink content to make it relevant now.
  3. Share the load – enlist other team members or partners to help with idea generation or writing. Build up lists of ideas you can dip into when you're struggling for inspiration.
  4. Consult the calendar – create an editorial calendar to plan your output, keep tabs on sector events and to spot gaps as well as opportunities.
  5. Start! – make a commitment and go for it. You'll get better by the blog.

For more tips plus strategic advice on making your content count, get in touch.

Here's to putting the crown back in its rightful place.