Peak Beard reached study reveals

Biologists from the University of New South Wales think we may have reached 'peak beard'.


The recent study found that when facial hair becomes more common, the beardless man becomes more attractive. The researchers came to this conclusion after showing photos of bearded and clean-shaven men to a sample of men and women. Those that saw more beards went for beardless and those that saw mostly beardless fancied beards. Clear?

In the words of researcher, Robert Brooks:

We still don't really know the primary function of the beard.

Here at User Experience Beard, we think talk of peak beard should be treated with caution. While there are plenty of start-up beards around today, they are just wisps of whimsy compared to the grand constructions of the Victorians. The ultimate beard peak was reached in 1567 when Hans Steininger tripped over his 1.4m beard and died.

What we can say, with some certainty, is that we've reached a peak in people writing about peak beard. We're not looking forward to the beard trough though.