Social media summary #21

Twitter test 'Like' button and remove anti-semitic posts whilst Facebook stock improves as they receive more mobile only visitors and study reveals how many of us are Facebook friends with our bosses. It's last week's best social news.

Monday: Twitter test a Facebook like 'Like' and 'Star' button.

Of all of Facebook's features, not even the 'Poke' button has felt more natural than the 'Like' button, even if we do overuse the thing. A less clicked button on the social web is Twitter's 'Favourite' button, causing the micro-blogging service to test their own 'Like' feature.


This article from TechCrunch backs up our own thoughts of Twitter launching a 'Like' button. Is it there for advertising reasons? Surely a RT is a sign that you really like the message or content? Seems a tad unnecessary to us. Read more via TechCrunch.

Tuesday: Twitter remove French anti-semitic tweets

Twitter removed anti-semitic and racist tweets from the site after posts with the hashtag #UnBonJuif - translating to #AGoodJew - started trending in France.


The tweets contained jokes in bad taste along with images from the Holocaust. Twitter decided to take down the messages after the Union of Jewish Student of France threatened to go to court over the issue. Read more via Mashable.

Wednesday: Facebook shares climb after positive quarterly earnings

If you have been reading the social media summary throughout the last 21 weeks you will know that Facebook have had a rough-ride since they went public. Now, things are starting to look positive as they prove they can make money on mobile.


Facebook shares last week went up 22% after the company announced that 14% of their ad revenue was coming from mobile ads. Read more via TechCrunch.

Thursday: Facebook more mobile than ever

News that revenues from mobile ads were on the increase for Facebook shows how important they find mobile, which is backed by the company's Q-10 findings.


The report - which also reveals user growth and the final price paid for Instagram - shows visitors accessing the site through mobile only means has increased 24% from the end of June. That's an extra 24 million in only four months. Read more via TechCrunch.

Friday: Are you Facebook friends with your boss?

A new study from security protection company AVG has revealed that more people than you would think are friends with their boss on Facebook.


Not only that, the report also reveals that whilst people are friends with co-workers, many do not filter any content that could get them in trouble. Maybe our bosses are just a lot nicer these days? Read more via Mashable.