Social media summary #7

Facebook sneakily change your email, win one million Twitter followers, Back to the Future hoax, BBC launch sports coverage through Facebook and Instagram allow users to engage on desktop. It's last week's top stories in social media.

Monday: Facebook change your email address

Monday was full of news as Sheryl Sandberg became the first woman on Facebook's board of directors, Instagram update introduces explore and talk of Yammer being bought for $1.2billion (which translates to "too much money") leaked over from last week.

However, most of this news won't interrupt your day, but Facebook changing your email address without telling you may unsettle you a little. In fact, it may be a bit confusing how to feel. While it may only be your email address you use for the site, many rely on their real email visible for work.

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There is also the fact that Facebook did it without asking, not helping the whole Facebook using your information argument. If they don't care about your information enough to change it without asking or telling you, do they care what happens to it? Who knows but that was not a classy move Facebook.

Tuesday: Twitter lottery promises 1million users

Some people struggle to get fans on Twitter but why work hard on finding, creating and sharing great content, monitoring hash-tags and @ing influencers when you could just follow Twitterich and hope to strike lucky.

The world's first social media lottery was dreamed up by Martin Agency, an American based advertising firm. While Twitterich may not want the winner to use the million followers to advertise anything, there is very little that can be done about once it all goes through.

Wednesday: Fans fall for Back to the Future fake

On Wednesday it was the 27th June 2012, which was the exact day Marty McFly and the professor from Back to the arrived after their time traveling trip, and the social media world went wild.

[Image from Mashable]

However, it was a hoax and, even funnier, was an accident. The fake image was posted on the Simply Tap Facebook page and went viral after Colour Me Fun shared it. This is a fun midweek story that shows how people will believe anything they see... even when they could Google it in seconds.

Thursday: BBC to stream all sports coverage on Facebook

Just in time for the Olympics, Facebook announced that the BBC now streams all of their sports coverage on the social site through an app, which launched on Thursday. The service allows you to watch different events, see how many people are watching and share your activity without ever leaving the page so you don't miss any action.

The summer of sport is now social.

Friday: Instagram no longer mobile only

Commenting on Instagram photos is no longer restricted to their mobile app. For too long have Instagram been mobile only and, if this is the only innovation that Facebook are going to add since their $1billion purchase, we won't mind.

Before, through the desktop site you were only able to view people's photos when you had the link. Now users are able to 'love', comment, edit their profile and... umm.. log out (?) from the desktop site. However, you still can't browse as you need the direct URL. Disappoint.