Startups of the week #20.2

Conference calls are a pain. They are noisy, confusing and Skype just doesn't do the job it is supposed to! ÜberConference makes multi-person communication so easy users can finally enjoy the conference call.

1. ÜberConference

Conference calls are essential in the business world. While they have improved over time with the introduction of Skype and other VoIP tools, there is still the confusion of who is on the line, what they do and differentiating between voices. "Was it John or Sam who just suggested Google Plus? Fire him!"

ÜberConference changes all that as it combines the social web and great interface to create a rather pleasant UX. At least, that's how it look at the moment as we haven't had the chance to use the service (but we are on the list!). With ÜberConference, you can easily know who is in the call, mute specific people and 'earmuff' them so they can't hear you.

At the top of the conference table shows the picture and name of who is talking at all times and, thanks to the social interaction, you can easily find out who people are as ÜC links people's Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google to their profiles.

Created by FireSpotter Labs, ÜberConference was founded by Craig Walker who also founded another VoIP company GrandCentral Communications which was acquired by Google in 2007. It is now known as Google Voice. ÜC wants to break into the $3billion conference calling industry by offering the next generation of multi-person communication.

While this isn't the first of its kind (Skype, PGI), ÜberConference looks set to be the best. The service is also free, amazing considering it is aimed at a business market, however some premium services can be purchased. Get on that waiting list, now!