Startups of the week #27.1

The social web has completely changed the way we arrange meeting friends, forever. However, it still isn't quite as enjoyable as it could be. Gather is a tool that can change all that and make meeting up easy, convenient and potentially random, in a nice way.

1. Gather

Organising meet ups has become easier with our smartphones and the social web. In fact, you don't need someone's number to find out where they are; you could just tweet them or have a look at their Foursqaure or Facebook check-ins.

However, this could be quite messy as people could miss your tweets and it may be too late for some friends by the time you check-in. This is where Gather can help. The brand new app - available on iOS [iTunes] and Android [Google Play] - lets you broadcast where you are headed, organising 'micro-meetups' over Facebook and Twitter.

Created by former developers Mikeal Rogers (Yammer, CounchOne, Mozilla) and Max Ogden, the app does not aim to be another social network but a utility tool. This is what sets Gather apart from other social-meetup apps like Forecast (EDIT: Forecast closed down as they were unable to pay the bills) and Holler. Gather is also easy to use, requiring just a start time, location through Foursquare, a name and you are ready to post.

Much of this may seem pointless as these tools are built in to our current social networks but one of Gather's main features is that it sends a push notification to your Facebook and Twitter friends - who also need Gather - within a 50 mile radius.

So whether you need to arrange a last minute meet up for work or just hanging out at the pub and would like some company, Gather is a great new tool that could organise all your meet-up woes.