Startups of the week #27.2

We all want to eat healthier but it can be confusing what to buy, not to mention how expensive it can be. Imagine a site that offers health advice, activity plans and a shopping list with vouchers. You just imagined Zipongo.

2. Zipongo

The Olympics start tomorrow and you may be feeling the need get back in shape. However, organising a well balanced diet can be confusing and cost a lot. This is the problem that led Jason Langheier to start Zipongo, a website dedicated to get you eating healthier, while saving money.

With a team of athletes, doctors and 'foodies' (does this mean amateur chef?), Zipongo aims to give you discounted prices of top healthy food and amazing recipes to keep your plate exciting while low in all the bad stuff.

The site have also added a great feature to keep up the social side of the site as every time you purchase or recommend something to a friend, you get one step closer to having a mega-deal.

Founded in June 2011, Zipongo have just received $1 million in a round of funding, ironically including the computer game developer and co-creator of mega-hit Guitar Hero, Kai Huang - which probably hasn't helped people get into shape.

The core idea of Zipongo is to personalise everyone's diet plan. Unlike many websites that will offer copy and paste information, you will get a plan that will suit you. If you chose to, you can add you medical history to your profile to get specific health instructions.

They also make purchasing using your deals easy. You will receive your activity plan and shopping list will be sent to you via email, social network or through the mobile app. From here, you can then swipe your loyalty card at the checkout to pay less for the items on the list.

This is a startup that is genuinely trying to improve the life of the user, by making shopping, buying and eating healthier easier. We hope Zipongo makes it to the UK so we can start saving pounds... while losing pounds.