Startups of the week #33.1

The internet has allowed us to network with all sorts of people. However, no platform will get the in-depth responses from people in the know quite like question-and-answer site, Quora.


Networking is incredibly important for more than just knowing the right people, it is a way to learn from others by asking questions and sharing experiences. However, if you are a journalist in Japan or an aspiring startup from Stuttgart, how do you mingle in with the tech-elite of Silicon Valley? You could try Quora.


Quora is not exactly a secret online - the company have experienced exceptional growth since its launch- but the beauty of the site is the users they have attracted. Users are able to ask, follow and answer questions and some replies have revealed more than most biographies would.

In fact, Quora can boast a who's who of the modern tech world in their registered user list; from people behind the scenes at Google, Facebook, Apple, the founders of Instagram and family members of the top talent (more revealing than you'd think).

Founded in June 2009 and made publicly available a year later, Quora was the creation of ex-Facebook employees Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever and has reached a valuation of over $400million in May 2012 after a $50million investment - not bad for three years work.

However, it is not just the technology world that appears to be enamoured with Quora as you can find answers to a huge array of topics, from Shakespeare to Cristiano Ronaldo. With news that the platform is now available on Android, complete with voice search, widgets and a deep search integration, we wouldn't be surprised if Quora became an essential part of research in the future.