Using video to spread your message online

Being noticed on the internet can be a pretty tricky goal to achieve. How do you get people clicking on the comment, like and share buttons? With the help of video, you can present your message and engage your audience.

When it comes to engaging content, some companies produce vast quantities whilst others struggle. Why is it that your posts are receiving little to no comments, likes or shares when your product is just as good as the others?

Vodafone Mobile Australia's Meet Doug Pitt campaign was a UXB favourite.

Successful strategies realise the importance of content and messaging. You may have a fantastic product but that only goes so far online. With video, you are supplying your message in an enjoyable, easy to consume and shareable way.

Video drives engagement

Watching videos online has been a popular activity for years. In fact, YouTube reached 700billion views by 2010 and as of May last year, the average user watched five hours of video on YouTube every month. Quite a feat considering the average length of a video is four minutes and 12 seconds (by our calculations, this is over 72 videos a month - over two a day, every day).

Brands that know the power of content can be easy to spot as their social channels are full of conversations, images, video and, eventually, a large fanbase. Could you imagine Swedish insurance company Folksam receiving as much international press this week if they hadn't posted this video above?

Some social video stats

During our research, we discovered this infographic - Storytelling One Frame at a Time - which details the benefits of using video and images in social media. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Video is shared 12x more than links & texts posts combined.
  • Over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each second.

Another interesting fact from the infographic is that people follow brands more on Pinterest than on Twitter and Facebook. This caught our attention because it appears people are choosing to go to a platform that is strictly images and video to consume content from the companies they like.

In other words, it is more likely someone will consume your story online when it is presented by video.

UXB's fun with film

As many of you regular UXB'sters may know, we like to make the odd video, especially for our clients. We created the i-crop™ animation for PepsiCo UK earlier this year and a video for A New Direction, the London based arts organisation who we developed a new brand for earlier this year.

We have also made internal videos for Bupa, The Youth Justice Board and more. All of which we enjoyed a lot!

If you want to add video to boost your social strategy, engage your audience online or just want tell your story, you can contact UXB here and discuss how we can help.