Engaging senior managers with Cranfield's world-leading management development programmes.

Although Cranfield School of Management's alumni speak positively of their course experience, maintaining a leading position in the highly competitive area of Executive Education takes more than word of mouth.

Based on a discovery phase that included insights into audiences, competitors and Cranfield's website and search analytics, we recommended an inbound marketing strategy and developed a pilot to test our thinking.

The success of the pilot lead to a project focused on building a sustainable pool of interested senior managers for Cranfield's 4 flagship leadership development programmes.

Using the powerful inbound marketing platform HubSpot, we reached, segmented and nurtured contacts and passed them over to Cranfield as qualified leads.

Working with Cranfield School of Management UXB

  • created 'Leadership Insights', an identity through which to deliver content
  • researched, wrote and published 90 blogs
  • created 45 illustrations and 8 infographics
  • designed, edited and published 4 white papers

Through inbound marketing UXB delivered

  • 1,586 leads from a contact database of over 2,400
  • 246 subscribers to the Leadership Insights blog
  • 84 sales qualified leads to Cranfield

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