We took the PepsiCo UK Corporate Affairs team on a journey through user-centred design to create a website that is elegant and easy to use and enables them to join the online conversation.

"Wanted to say thank you. We wanted to let you know that the website looks fantastic, as does the E-Newsletter. You should be very proud!"

Head of Media Relations, PepsiCo UK


  • Enable the Corporate Affairs team to engage and influence the online conversation
  • Create an intuitive Content Management System for publishing and editing content
  • Develop a website that reflects the business requirements and meets user needs
  • Monitor and manage user engagement and site performance


The websites performance goes from strength to strength across all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and gives the business an effective way of engaging with stakeholders.


PepsiCo is an international business with operations in almost every part of the world. Following a competitive pitch, UXB were selected to develop a complete suite of brand and marketing materials which included the corporate website for PepsiCo UK and Ireland.

With iconic brands such as Walkers, Pepsi, Tropicana and Quaker Oats as part of the business, the company behind the brands needed an online presence and digital strategy that matched their scale, values and direction.

Our user-centred design process bought these priorities into sharp focus to deliver a user experience that builds corporate brand value with all site visitors. Through internal and external user research we established the key components for the new website and were able to match the expectations of all aspects of the business with the differing needs of their diverse audiences. These ranged from consumers and politicians through to students, NGOs and journalists.

The business is driven by a desire to ╩╗do better business╩╝ through making its products better, keeping its staff happy and looking after the environment. The commitment and accomplishments are inspiring, but not commonly known. Through the CMS people at PepsiCo UK can publish these stories and engage the public, academics, media and future employees in new conversations.

The solution delivered includes a product management system that enables the business to list all of the products under each of its brands. When fully populated this will include flavours, packaging sizes, nutritional info, guideline daily amounts and allergy information for every range of products.

PepsiCo UK are now in control of their corporate communications messaging. By increasing their understanding and use of this powerful online tool they have changed public and stakeholder perceptions of the business. The innovative work they are doing on sustainability, health and well-being is now engaging an audience that had previously been out of reach.

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