Ground Miles 8 Week Challenge - a ‘digital first’ approach.

Following the success of the 2014 launch of the Groundmiles app, Bupa asked us to create a digital marketing campaign to get people moving in big businesses.

An intuitive experience

Our 'digital first' strategy placed a responsive website at the heart of all campaign activity. The benefits of a walking challenge were set out for target customers, leading them to clear calls-to-action. The website also offered guidance on how to to set up and run a challenge, making it easy for Bupa’s corporate clients to get it off the ground.

Bupa hit.png

To further assist the HR managers to run the challenge, we created a huge range of assets to promote their campaigns. Challenge Leaders could customise and download campaign materials such as posters and social media posts to spread the word and motivate their walkers.

Visit the Ground Miles Challenge website

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