Membership for ship members

Fraternity dashboard

An online application that helps both Trinity House mange it's fraternity of members and helps those members get information and interact with Trinity House

This platform helps Trinity House manage their fraternity membership, promote member events, advertise internal job opportunities, sell branded merchandise and enables deep sea pilots to log sea passages remotely. We also built and manage the Trinity House website.

450 members, 250 staff, 50 deep sea pilots, 8 committees, 1 master

All aboard

A combination of membership database and members portal this system provides both management for Trinity House and resources for the Fraternity.

In addition it provides intranet and extranet services for Trinity House staff and also the deep sea pilots whom Trinity House are responsible for.

User capabilities

Fraternity - manage membership details and access content, book events, purchase Trinity House merchandise, access documents

Staff - view news and events, find documents, see internal job opportunities

Deep sea pilots - log sea voyages, manage personal details

Trinity House - manage members, communicate with staff, monitor deep sea pilots

Stoke Newington School

Designing a website for a dynamic north London school, underpinned by user research