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Steve McQueen Year 3 Project app

A web app to register London schools for one of the world's most ambitious art projects at Tate Britain

Artist Steve McQueen invited 2,600 primary schools across Greater London to participate in the #Year3Project, a partnership project between Tate, Artangel and A New Direction.

We designed and built the web app that enabled online registration and booking for all schools helping to create this epic picture of London's present, and its future.

"…the bookings app is a great success. So great in fact it’s got all teachers booking, more than we had anticipated and that was already a high volume"

Initially the app enabled London primary schools to register and book photographers whilst allowing admin to manage, track and report schools progress throughout the year.

After being such a success with booking photo shots for schools the app was then extended so that schools could book class visits to view the exhibition at Tate Britain. Additional opening hours were then arranged so that all schools could be catered for.

Steve McQueen Year 3 Project website

One of the world's most ambitious art projects using the traditional school class photograph to create a portrait of London's future