5 top finds #24

Movember but in HTML5, WWII tweeted in real time, the infographic to end all infographics, Apple doing (not) NFC in their own way and stop motion at its finest. It's 5 top finds...

1. HTM(ovember)5

We're always impressed when we see a good cause backed up with a bit of humour (and awesome technology is always a bonus). Mobelly, a campaign to support Movember with HTML5 Video, Canvas and JavaScript, has all three – in spades. Awesome stuff!

2. World beer – in an infographic

We love beer. We love infographics. Beer infographics = massive win!

3. @RealTimeWWII

There are times when we're still amazed by the ingenuity of people on the web. This Twitter account is a perfect example of such a time. Real time tweets, starting in 1939 and set to cover the course of the Second World War. Well worth following.

4. Apple debuts their version of NFC (not really)

Sorry if that headline got you all excited. Apple haven't finally thrown their collective weight behind NFC – they've just updated their Apple Store app to allow consumers to scan the barcode of items instore and pay with EasyPay there and then with their iTunes account. TechCrunch and Engadget have the details.

5. A day in the life of stop motion

You can't beat a good bit of stop motion video. I Look & Move ticks all the right boxes for us – let us know if you like it too!