Transforming customer experience through a business and service design rethink.

As The Audience Agency moved from being, primarily, a consultancy business, to a digitally focused one, the chance to think afresh was not to be missed. They asked us to take a close look at their offer and its presentation.

The Audience Agency is funded by The Arts Council to provide practical advice and insight driven tools to help venues grow their audience. They had evolved as an organisation but recognised that their products and services were confusing to potential customers.

We were empowered by our client to:

  • rethink the product, service structure and offer
  • develop personas and user journeys to inform design work
  • develop a new information architecture and user experience for The Audience Agency website
  • rewrite all brand and service messaging and navigation text
  • redesign the online service and user interface of the Audience Finder product.

Audience Finder redesign

We had designed the front end of the first iteration of ‘Audience Finder’ – a powerful data analysis application that helps arts organisations understand their audiences better. And it had tested promisingly during a year long pilot using real customers.

Following the pilot, an opportunity arose to roll the product out to a wider market and develop a paid for Software as a Service model to make The Audience Agency less dependent on Arts Council funding.

The continued development of Audience Finder was the catalyst for rethinking the business as a whole. Our role was to help define what that would be.

"UXB really took the time to get under the skin of the business, discuss our needs and understand the pressures of the various stakeholders. As a result, the work is really well integrated with the culture of the organisation as well as the business model and we’re looking forward to seeing this reflected in the customer experience.”

Cimeon Ellerton – The Audience Agency

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The research we carried out uncovered insights that informed strong recommendations and threw up new ideas. The Audience Agency were able to reflect on these and take a clear route forward.

Research uncovered valuable insights:

  • The Audience Finder product was clearly the future of the organisation

  • The organisation would need to restructure around this opportunity

  • The portfolio of products and services would need to be streamlined

  • A new website would need to reflect the changes made to the organisation and its offer

  • The Audience Finder user interface would need to be redesigned as a modern web based service.

Total design rethink

Through a user-centred service design process we have reorganised The Audience Agency's product and services structure, business design and digital strategy so that their own customers and prospects understand the business better.

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