Designing, maintaining and managing digital services in the UK, EU countries, Turkey and Australia.

UXB have been working with PepsiCo in the UK, across Europe and Australia since 2005.

Working with the PepsiCo UK

Our work in the UK has included:

  • First website for PepsiCo UK
  • 11 years to date evolving and keeping the UK website relevant
  • Creative direction and brand management both online and offline
  • Digital marketing and e communications services
  • Content marketing and copywriting services
  • Ongoing digital consultancy and digital brand management
  • Art direction and creation of photographic assets and infographics
  • Direction and production of marketing video
  • PepsiCo UK website

    Creating digital experiences

  • PepsiCo-UK-and-EU

    8 years keeping the UK website at the forefront of corporate digital inovation

  • PepsiCo-Netherland-and-Belux

    4 years working with Holland and Belgium

  • PepsiCo_1040x495-01

    Creating annual reports in the UK

  • PepsiCo infographics

    Creation of infographics both online and in print

  • PepsiCo_1040x495-02

    First use of responsive design for PepsiCo in the world

  • PepsiCo-Greece-and-Italia

    Providing websites for 15 european territories

  • PepsiCo-Iberia-and-Aus

    Providing websites for 15 european territories

  • PepsicoUK

    Creating digital experiences

  • PepsiCo-Ukraine-and-Romania

    Providing websites for 15 european territories

Working with PepsiCo globaly

In Europe and Australia we have:

  • Provided consultation on a proposed rollout of websites across all European territories
  • Implemented the rollout with 15 European countries, creating new websites and providing content and project management services to facilitate this process
  • Created a new website for Australia and New Zealand and provided update and management services for 4 years
  • Created content managed websites using our CMS for PepsiCo Belgium and PepsiCo Netherlands
  • The Pepsico belgium website is a dual language and content managed
  • Worked closely with the Belgium and Holland teams for 4 years to keep the websites relevant and suitable for their needs
  • Continued to provide consultation services, support and advice on digital in all territories

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