FTSE 100 companies ignore Twitter at your peril

Whatever you may understand, or care, about social media micro blogging service Twitter, some of your customers and your clients are undoubtedly tuned in.

Twitter's influence on customer services is difficult to measure but what is clear is that it is having an impact and more enlightened business are beginning to use Twitter as another channel to engage with their customers.

Research from Virgin Business (@vmbusiness) suggests that FTSE 100 companies are not the quickest to respond to the opportunities that social media offers business.

Here's the story from Management Today and IT Pro.

And here's an anecdote of our own...

This week we've been organising some of our sites and services hosted on an older server that we wanted to decommission. Calls and messages to the small ISP had proved unsuccessful So one of our developers tweeted about the quality of service. To his surprise he received an almost instant response from the ISP in question.

Twitter was listening.