A service design rethink for this big data tool results in 300% increase in leads.

Originally conceived by The Audience Agency's Cimeon Ellerton, Audience Finder uses box office data, which is cross referenced with wider demographic profiling, to provide meaningful insights for the arts market.

Proof of concept

In autumn 2014 a fully functioning prototype of the tool was built and rolled out to Arts Council funded organisations. The feedback from both clients and Arts Council was positive and with this green light The Audience Agency asked us to develop Audience Finder, defining what it would be and how that would impact on the business.

The Audience Finder website was weighed down by a huge amount of content, this needed be cut back to improve the user experience and to create clear space between this software product and other Audience Agency services.

Visit the Audience Finder website

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Freemium model

With the Arts Council's funding for Audience Finder due to be reduced, The Audience Agency needed to find a way to make the product pay.

In collaboration with the client we developed a fremium model of Audience Finder, so it was free to use but more specialist services would incur a charge. This was a fundamental change and called for a rethink of the organisation's business model. We mapped out the entire business and made recommendations based on our findings.

What stood out was the need to bring the consultancy service and Audience Finder tool together. This insight enabled us to design both The Audience Agency website and Audience Finder, to form a holistic and intuitive user experience.