Mind made up

Greasepaint School of Makeup

Giving a highly regarded make-up school the profile it deserves

Students come from all over the word to study makeup, hair and prosthetics at Greasepaint. Successful students go on to work in all aspects of the entertainment industry winning Oscars, Emmys, Baftas and other major awards. We developed a visual identity for the business that matched this global ambition and grew a social media presence that connected past, present and future winners.

"It's a beautiful thing"

World leader

Established in 1979, Greasepaint became one of the world's top make-up institutes with a large list of award winning alumni.


  • Art direction of glamourous make-up images for new website design
  • Social media strategy and implementation
  • Social media advice and training for Greasepaint team
  • Design and develop new Greasepaint brochure and other materials

Small and beautiful

Working with Greasepaint has given us the opportunity to develop a small but prestigious business with a strong personality. Together we've created brochures, developed a website and expanded reach through social media.

Our brochure design borrowed from popular fashion magazines to turn a course guide into a must-read piece of content. Now, students won't be skimming through, missing pages and scanning entry requirements. They will be fully engaged and excited as they take the first step in their new careers.

Online information and booking

Greasepaint's online presence needed to represent the vibrant identity of the school. We commissioned photographers to capture images that showed what Greasepaint is all about; exceptional make-up training.

On the technical side, we also made the website more accessible, streamlined the content and added check out functionality, allowing potential students to purchase courses online.

Social media

Greasepaint's area of expertise is ideally suited to social media channels: visual, interesting and shareable. By developing and implementing a social media strategy, we helped Greasepaint engage with potential, current and former students, as well as giving them a platform to contribute to related communities.

All the work we've done served to get Greasepaint the wider credit its industry reputation deserved.