Platform for Art

A range of posters created for Platform for Art exhibitions.

Artists’ pick

London Underground has been a pioneer in art and design since 1908 when Frank Pick began commissioning leading artists to work on London Underground poster campaigns. Man Ray, Edward McKnight Kauffer and Graham Sutherland produced posters for the network.

Bright journeys

Platform for Art, London Underground’s public art programme, continues this tradition today. Designed to showcase and celebrate the rich and vibrant art scene, the programme enhances and enriches the journeys of its audience - Underground passengers.

Fresh perspective

Under highly regarded curator Tamsin Dillon, Platform for Art has arrived on London’s cultural map. Major international artists such as Cindy Sherman, David Shrigley and Paola Pivi have been attracted to exhibit on the tube network in recent years.

New identity

Our contribution to the success of Platform for Art began with the creation of a new visual identity in 2003. Since then we have been responsible for the ongoing promotion of the programme through posters, literature, billboards and hoardings. Over 200 posters have been created to date.

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