Website design process

Creating value for businesses and their customers through careful content planning.

We will work with you to clearly define your needs and align these with the needs of your visitors.

With our planning phase of business analysis and strategy, user research and technical and functional feasibility, we will work out your website's purpose, how it will benefit users, what the content will be, where the content will come from, and who's going to use it.

It also helps all stakeholders understand how the website will impact on the business. What are the goals? What return on investment (ROI) do you expect and how will you measure success?

Our areas of expertise will help define the scope of the solution that best suits you, your business and your users.

  • Personas are developed to represent archetypal website users.
  • A map of the content for the entire site is created to look at the site structure, or information architecture.
  • A scope document defines the boundaries of the project and provides enough detail to agree on the expectations of the finished website.

We cannot overstate the importance of planning - it's difficult to make a website without it. Often it involves more than all parties expect or are prepared for but the outcome helps ensure that the business objectives and the users needs are met. It also ensures your website delivers the desired user experience.