User testing

Keeping pace with changes in customer expectation

One way to view user testing is to validate design and functionality ideas and improve them

iteratively on user feedback. Another view though, is that testing allows you to go deep into your customers' expectations of how a product or service stacks up against competitors.

Our range of testing methodologies include lo-fi paper based testing for rapid feedback on prototypes through to large scale remote tests with video/audio feedback, notation and recommendations for improvement.

  • Gain real insight into your customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Identify barriers to online buying
  • Increase sales and conversion rates
  • Reduce load on support or customer service
  • Reduce development costs

We can help you to test an interactive prototype before development, or improve an area or process flow in your online service where customers are clearly struggling.

As online customer experience improves at rapid pace, your customers' expectation of beautiful, simple, personal and frictionless online experiences increases. With every upgrade or new release of your competitors product, your own is at threat.

We can help to use testing to uncover what your customers have become used to and, by analysing their feedback from a service design perspective, advise you on the improvements you need to make to stay one step ahead.

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