Responsive web design

Responsive design has been called the next stage in mobile and is widely accepted as the most effective way to provide mobile users with a positive experience whatever device they are using.

Responsive web design enables brands to deliver a seamless online experience across multiple devices, without the need for a separate code base desktop, tablet and mobile. It offers businesses a highly flexible and efficient way to meet the increased expectations that people have for quality content, speed and usability while on the move.

We have designed responsive web sites for many of our clients including PepsiCo, A.N.D and Greasepaint.

Responsive design is not to be confused with platform specific mobile sites. Nor is the fact that a website can be viewed on a mobile any guarantee that it offers a positive user experience.

Recent research from Google reveals that most people now expect a mobile to match the experience offered by a desktop site. Savvy businesses leaders are investing to meet this expectation and reaping significant rewards for doing so.

Next steps

If you would like to discuss how responsive design can improve your business please email Sean or call us for an exploratory chat.


PepsiCo Possibilities website optimising to different screen sizes