Get to grips with segmenting data

Almost every email user has unsubscribed from a mailing list at some point - we look at how tailoring content can keep them engaged

If you’ve ever signed up to a mailing list and received irrelevant information, you probably got annoyed and unsubscribed. You're not alone – 91% of email users have opted out of an email they previously opted into. The reason for this could be anything from bad content to spam, but one cause we’re particularly aware of is the lack of segmentation.


What’s segmentation?

To put it simply, segmentation is the process of filtering data by customer details or behaviours to generate unique groups. These can then be targeted with bespoke marketing which is more likely to interest them, meaning more conversions, less bounces and a higher retention rate.

Still confused? Here’s an example.

Imagine you work for an automotive dealership and want to sell a suite of top range in-car sound systems. By segmenting your customer data to isolate people who bought a high-spec car from your dealership, and later purchased something from your after-sales department, you can single out buyers of high-end products who have demonstrated an interest in continuing their sales journey with you. These people are ideal targets for your campaign.

Sounds like a lot of work...

Segmentation is more time consuming than sending out a blanket email, but streamlining data to inform angles and messages creates relevant marketing that people are more likely to digest. There’s no point spending days building a campaign if your customers are going to divert it to their spam folder.

The good news is you don’t have to spend hours manually sorting columns in a spreadsheet. There are loads of Customer Relationship Management systems which do the work for you, to make the targeting process as easy as possible. You just need to set up the parameters and be proactive with your approach.

If you’re interested but the whole thing sounds a bit daunting, get in touch with a member of our team .

Our experience delivering targeted inbound marketing campaigns means we’re well-placed to offer a solution that can meet the needs of your business and drive customer engagement.

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