Collaborators wanted

Now more than ever businesses need to work together in new, open ways to meet the challenges ahead

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Creative businesses have always collaborated to make great content, design new services and build new products. We're masters at seeking out and working with the most talented partners that make our work great or deliver beyond client expectations.

The COVID-19 emergency has brought an abrupt halt to business as usual and many things will not be the same when we get through to the other side. We cannot know what awaits but a new normal will take some time to form.

We think now, more than ever, we need to collaborate in new and transparent ways. Many creative businesses wll be weakened by the crisis - whether through loss of revenue, skills or service capabilities. By collaborating in new ways we can be more resilient, together. We can offer broader services while retaining our specialisms, and secure bigger contracts that we might struggle to deliver alone.

We see two scenarios:

For consultancies

You might be facing financial difficulties ahead. You might need to reduce headcount, move premises or streamline your services. You know that with reduced overhead, you have a viable underlying business.

For clients

Your existing agency might fall into the above scenario. You don't want to lose them but you are concerned about their resilience and ability to support your needs.

If you are interested in exploring collaboration through open partnering or a consortium please get in touch for an exploratory and confidential chat.


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